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  • free and easy to implement & manage
    portal-agnostic, flexible, safe
    engaging eco-system
    fair & beneficial to everyone involved
  • Portal & device agnostic digital content monetization platform
    Easy and free to launch - SaaS; customizable;
    Supports on-demand micropayments & donations ($0.05 up), subs, and freemium; integrates well with ad-supported models;
    Pays out up to 94% of generated revenue;
  • E-wallet with pre-paid virtual credits - Znaks - redeemable online as micropayments, donations or subs to access premium content or to buy virtual goods and services, as-you-go;
    Frictionless, private and intrinsically safe
    Supports P2P transactions, also off-line
  • Opt-in advertising, with targeted focus on pay-for domains;
    Supports interactive promotional materials and marker research;
    Higher-than-usual CPM/CTR; data-mining;
    Partnership with quality content providers.
  • Znak it! also provides more traditional payment options excellent to use while charging/paying for virtual goods;
    Znak it! can help you distribute your content via Agenda portals
    Can be used with Twitter and other social networks
Web Users
Znak it! provides an easy-to-use, immediate, very secure and private (anonymous) way to PAY FOR or EARN free access to premium content, on demand, as you surf the Net.
    Think: SUBSCRIPTION – only, not with a particular content provider, but WITH YOURSELF, using Znak it! as your own WWW-WALLET, funded with pre-paid credits (Znaks) and portal-agnostic, redeemable against ANY content that interest YOU.

    With Znak it! YOU are in charge of your online spending and the amount of support for quality content you want/afford to give others.
Content Providers
Znak it! is a premium content curation and monetization platform, designed to help you generate substantial revenue through paid subscription, a freemium model, on-demand micropayments, donations as well as opt-in advertising – depending on your digital strategy and type of content.
    Znak it! can be implemented as a “white label,” to support your brand’s unique payment needs, or as a SaaS to avoid costly design and implementation work and to take advantage of a large world-wide user base – ideal for smaller publishers and bloggers.
Znak it! is a content monetization platform based on virtual tokens pre-paid by users, but it does not exclude other methods. It’s been designed to benefit online marketers and advertisers as well.
    Znak it! welcomes text and multi-media display ads, short surveys, and other interactive materials or polls as opt-in ‘sponsorship’ opportunities for our users to view or click on and interact to earn redeemable Znaks;
More Options
Znak it! operates paid content aggregators, called Aganda -, which republish selected premium content and therefore make the distribution of your content easier and wider.
    Agenda sites are an excellent option for content creators who do not have or might not want to use their own web sites to sell premium content.
    Still, Znakit Agenda sites allow content providers to control their content use, monitor traffic and adjust prices and access licenses.

    Znak it! will soon be available on mobile devices as Twitter client.
Znak it! Recognition Awards
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